Tyntesfield House - The House that out does The Addams Family!

Possibly the most Goth house in the world - if you know of another house that compares - do let me know! 

Tyntesfield is a Victorian Gothic Revival estate near Wraxall, North Somerset, England, near Nailsea, seven miles from Bristol.

In 2008 the dark love story Angel, which was filmed at Tyntesfield was released. The film is an adaptation of a novel by Elizabeth Taylor. Angel is French film director and screenwriter François Ozon’s first full English-language production. Romola Garai (Atonement, Amazing Grace) stars as Angel Deverell, an impetuous romantic writer who shoots to great fame after her first book is published. But with celebrity comes heartache, and it’s not long before cracks begin to appear in Angel’s fantasy world. Watch the trailer for the movie below.

Tyntesfield even has bats. Eight bat species are found in the main house alone and the whole estate is home to 10 of the 17 species of UK bat. Visitors to Tyntesfield can watch some of the resident bats without disturbing them via Tyntesfield’s new interactive batcam. 

You will need a day or 2 to see the house and grounds - fabulous!

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